[Announcement] Eternal Saga Events for 03/07 – 03/13

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It Pays to Consume

Duration: 03/07 – 03/12 11:59 PM (Server Time)

Servers: S1-S34, K1

Description: Spend Gold and get bonus gift packs containing valuable items, including amazing Pet, Sprite, and Mount skins!

Note: Rewards can be redeemed by clicking the “Timed Rewards” icon in the top-right corner of the screen. Purchases made in the Market or with Gold (Bound) are not included.

Demon Invasion

Duration: 03/09 18:30-19:00 PM (server time)

Servers: All

Level: 40+

Description: Prepare to be invaded. Running on March 9th from 18:30 – 19:00 (server time), waves of monsters will be trying to take over. Level 40+ players who are up to the challenge can try to defeat the savage beasts. New waves will appear every six minutes, for a total of five waves. Rewards include Soul Shards, Demon Shards, Dragon Shards, EXP, and Sprite related items.

Gold Spent

Gift Pack Contents


9 Rose Bouquet x2, Upgrade Rune Fragment x2, Demon Shard x2, Epic Refine Stone x2, Superior Purse x2


Spirit Protection Rune x1, Upgrade Rune x1, Demon Shard x3, Soul Shard x3, Epic Refine Stone x3, Superior Purse x3


Spirit Protection Rune x1,Mount Aptitude Rune x1, Upgrade Rune x1, Demon Shard x5, Dragon Shard x5, Epic Refine Stone x5, Superior Purse x5


Husky Morph Card (Permanent) x1, Spirit Protection Rune x1, Mount Growth Rune x1, Upgrade Rune x2, Demon Shard x8, Soul Shard x5, Dragon Shard x5, Superior Purse x8


Little Star Sprite Morph Card (Permanent) x1, Spirit Protection Rune x1,

Mount Aptitude Rune x2, Mount Growth Rune x2, Upgrade Rune x3, Demon Shard x10, Soul Shard x8, Dragon Shard x8, Superior Purse x10


Little White Dragon Morph Card (Permanent) x1, Spirit Protection Rune x3,

Mount Aptitude Rune x3, Mount Growth Rune x3, Upgrade Rune x4, Demon Shard x12, Soul Shard x10, Dragon Shard x10,  Superior Purse x12

Great Discount

From March 7th to March 13th, the cost of enchanting and awakening battle souls (gold AND silver) is 20% off!