Eternal Saga 1.3 Patch Notes

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What’s new:

 Faction and gender: Ready for a change? Players can now change their gender and faction!
 Login Gift: Get rewards for logging into Eternal Saga on consecutive days. Login 3, 7, and 14 days in a row for special prizes, including a new pet and mount!
 Pet & Mount Morph Points: Earn points each time you activate a new pet and earn bonus attributes!
 Hall of Fame: Enter the Hall of Fame by being the first to gather friends, slay the World BOSS, or completing other achievements to earn a title unique to your character!
 Spirit: You can now Increase attributes by upgrading your Spirit level.
 Blitz: Clear dungeons while away from your computer!
 Demonslay: Lvl. 40 players can use Demonslayer Tokens to accept quests and gain EXP and Silver.
 Eternal Legend: Players Lvl. 35 and up can write themselves into the pages of legend by completing chapter quests in the new Eternal Legend system.
 Lucky Cat: Feed your friends’ cats to gain Intimacy and Silver! 1-click add friends!
 Partner Quest: Lvl. 45+ players can increase Intimacy with other players through Partner Quests
● Lvl. 45+ friends with at least 520 intimacy can marry, but only male characters can propose to female characters.
● Players can throw luxurious wedding parties and obtain epic clothing and pets.
● Married couples can complete quests together to obtain rewards and titles.
● Guild Domination: Lvl. 40+ members in a lvl. 3+ guild can apply to join in the war and fight for their guild.
 Territory Wars: Fight off all comers and help your Guild rule the world in Territory Wars.
 Guild Dungeons
● Guild Chamber: Lvl.3+ guilds can enter this dungeon once per day. Cooperate with your guild members to avoid the lightning traps, collect rewards, and make it to the end.
● Guild Altar: Members of Lvl.3+ guilds can enter this dungeon once per week. Choose a role and protect your goddess against waves of invading enemies. Use teamwork to survive and earn rewards!
 Guild Mergers
 Lower ranking guilds can apply to merge with a higher ranking guild. Players’ individual contribution and guild skills are preserved after the merge.
 Players should empty their guild vault before the merge. All guild information will be wiped out after the merge.

 Crystal Hunt
 Players can now gain double rewards by joining in this event.
 Players with less than 21 crystals can’t be robbed by other players.
 Event time changed to 13:00 – 13:30 server time.
 Star Shrine
 Players receive double rewards during event, however it is only open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 17:00 – 17:30 server time.
 Players receive double rewards during event, however it is only open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 17:00 – 17:30 server time.
 You can obtain 200 Contribution when you donate a Pet/Mount Skill Upgrade Pill to the Guild Vault. Additionally, each online member gains 100 contribution, but Guild Wealth does not increase. Items put in the Guild Vault are bound.
 Rare items dropped by the Guild Beast will be mailed to the guild leader and vice leader if the Guild Vault is full.
 Friend limit increased to 200
 Friends greater than 4 levels apart with less than 500 intimacy are automatically deleted if they do not log in for 3 days in a row.
 Optimized Auto-path System
 Players can now progress more easily through the first 40 levels of the game.
 Level-up Rewards
 Players now get bonus rewards for reaching level 52. Rewards for later levels have been removed.