Eternal Saga New Server Events

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Welcome Eternal Saga player to the list of Activies and Promotions going on for all new Servers. The duration for these Activities and Promotions are dependent on what day the server became live, but unless the duration is listed as permanent, all of these end at 23:59 PM Server time on their last day. So be sure to act fast and take advantage of the Promotions before they end!

Server Activites:

 Deluxe Starter Pack - A Starter Pack for all players! 
 Login Rewards - To get these rewards, all you need to do is login to the game! 
 Bonus Rewards - Hard play pays off! Earn amazing rewards for reaching certain levels. 
 Level Up Rewards - Reaching certain levels will get you tons of Gold and Silver. 
 Free Equipment - Get free Epic equipment and accessories just by playing the game and completing quests. 
 First Purchase Rebate Packs - Spend 20 Gold and get a Gift Pack valued at thousands of Gold. 
 Patron Packs - Spend Gold during the first week of a server launch and receive huge reward packs. 
 Heaven Sets - Collect 2, 4, or 6 legendary equipment sets and equip them to receive great rewards. 
 Enchant Bonus - Enchant all equipment to +30, +40, +50 to gain rewards. 
 Top Rank - Players who make it into the top ten of the rankings for level, battle rating, pet battle rating, and weapons will be rewarded. 
 Romantic 7-days - The top three players in the Charm ranking list will be rewarded. 
 My Guild, My Family - The Guild that comes out on top in Guild Battles will receive huge rewards. 
 Eternal Spire Boss - The top three players in the Eternal Spire ranking list will be rewarded.

Server Promotions:

 Recharge Packs - Recharge and get bonus items.

For more information and details on all of these exciting events and promotions for Eternal Saga, be sure to check out our thread in the forums which you can find by clicking right here!