Eternal Saga Server Merge on April 1st

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Attention Players,

Since its release in July, Eternal Saga continues to grow and mature. Each day more players are discovering and enjoying the game, and the communities are healthy and thriving. In order to ensure that all communities continue this way, on Tuesday, April 1st at 2:00 AM EDT (April 1st at 2:00 PM GMT+8), we’ll be merging servers 2/3/4 and 6/8/10 (Aymay Forest / Frozen Plains / Lunar Tribe and Shadow Tribe / Howling Cave / Mirage Realm) as well as servers 1 and 12/14 (Aquatic Realm and Spirit Temple / Holy Grounds). Players from those servers may lose their connections or be unable to login to the game at this time. These servers will be down for approximately 1 - 2 hrs to allow for adequate testing, but could be shorter. Please keep an eye on this thread in our forums for any updates or changes. Following the merge, the way you’ll access the game will not change; you’ll use your original accounts to login to and recharge on the merged server.



To add a bit of competitive spice to the new mix and to get everyone up to speed with players on servers  1 and 2/3/4, players on servers 6/8/10 and 12/14 will be getting the “Ultimate  4x Gaming Experience!” on the following schedule:


S6/8/10 Shadow Tribe / Howling Cave / Mirage Realm 3/31 0:00 AM - 11:59 PM (server time)

S12/14 Spirit Temple / Holy Grounds 3/30 0:00 AM - 3/31 11:59 PM (server time)


The “Ultimate 4x Gaming Experience” will earn all characters on those servers quadruple EXP for killing monsters dead. VIP map is recommended.


Note: Quadruple EXP earned only for killing monsters, NOT for completing dungeons. Can be stacked with 1.5x EXP Runes.




In order to keep things balanced, factions will not be directly transferred to the merged server. Instead, the merged server factions will be reorganized according to the chart below:


Merged Factions

Original Factions


S2/3/4 [Luma]+ S6/8/10 [Luma]


S2/3/4 [Umbra]+ S6/8/10 [Astra]


S2/3/4 [Astra]+ S6/8/10 [Umbra]


Merged Factions

Original Factions


S1[Luma]+ S12/14 [Umbra]


S1[Umbra]+ S12/14 [Astra]


S1[Astra]+ S12/14 [Luma]

Character Deletion Notice:

Characters that meet ALL of the following 3 conditions will have their characters deleted:

a. Character level is 40 or below

b. Character has not been used to login to the game for 30 consecutive days

c. Character has no Gold (Unbound)

Character information will NOT be deleted if it does not meet ALL of the above conditions.


Other Issues

For a more complete run down of exactly what will or will not be changing, see our official Server Merge Guide.