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1.How do I obtain a starter pack?

Click the gift icon on the top right corner of the screen.


2.What are the login rewards?

     Login in daily to earn Enchant Stone x1.

    Earn extra rewards by logging in consecutive days. The more consecutive days you login, the more rewards you’ll earn.

     You can earn special rewards the first 7 days you login the game. The rewards include Gold (Bound), Silver (Bound), pets, equipment, and other useful items.


3.What are the advantages of buying items on Clearance?

You can get a 30% discount or even obtain items for free here. These items will be refreshed periodically, so pay close attention to this section of the shop and don’t miss out.


Level up

4.How can I level-up faster?

Create a character and follow the main quests to earn huge amounts of EXP. Also, be sure to complete Hero quests and Bounty quests, as quests are the main source of EXP at the beginning of the game.


5.What level monsters should I kill to gain max EXP?

You can gain the greatest amounts of EXP by killing monsters of the same level as your character.


6.What’s the best place to AFK?

The VIP AFK map.


7.What else can I do today?

Click the Events button on the top right corner of the screen to check the Daily Quests and Daily Dungeons to see what things you can do.


8.How do I get stronger?

     Earn EXP to level up your character.

     Obtain high level equipment and upgrade it through enchanting, refining and gems

     Upgrade your Elements, Pet battle rating and Mount battle rating


9.What’s the difference between paired meditation and regular meditation?

Paired meditation will increase EXP from 15% to 30%.


10.What’s the max number of offline hours that can be stacked to gain offline EXP?

168 offline hours can be stacked.


11.What’s “Dungeon Compensation”?

You can retrieve EXP if you did not complete the previous day’s dungeon attempts.

Gold and Silver

12.How can I earn Silver?

     Silver can be earned by obtaining by using a Purse, completing the Molluscan Alcove dungeon, and trading with other players.

    Silver (Bound) can be earned by selling items to NPCs, collecting quest rewards, using a Purse (Bound), or collecting Login and Online Rewards.


13.How can I earn Gold?

     Gold can be earned via recharge, event rewards, and selling items in the Market.

     Gold (Bound) can be obtained as part of VIP Benefits, Participation Rewards, completing the Aquatic Treasures dungeon, and collecting Level-up Rewards, Login Rewards, and Online Rewards.



14.What are the differences between the three classes?

     Warrior: armed with a Sword, good at melee attacks, and has high Defense.

     Mage: armed with a Staff, good at magic attacks, and has high Attack.

     Hunter: armed with a Bow, good at ranged attacks, and has high Crit.


15.How do I change my character’s PK Mode?

Click the PK Mode button below the character icon in the top left corner of the screen.


16.How do I enter battle with other players (PK Mode)?

     Enter a battlefield map (eg, NOT the main city or tutorial maps)

     Locate your current PK Mode below the character icon in the top left corner of the screen, and change it to a PK Mode. Select and then hover over the different modes for details on how they differ (or see question “How do the 6 PK Modes differ?”)

     Click on other players to challenge them

17.How do the 6 PK Modes differ?

     Peace mode: can’t attack or be attacked.

     PvP mode: can attack others and be attacked.

     Slayer mode: can only attack players with names in red.

     Party mode: can only attack players outside his/her party

     Guild mode: can only attack players outside his/her guild

     Faction mode: can only attack players outside his/her faction


18.How do I reduce my PK level?

PK level will fall one point every 10 minutes automatically, or you can buy an Amnesty Rune in the Shop to reduce your PK level by 10.


19.What benefits can I gain through Intimacy?

You can gain an attributes bonus if you form a party with friends whose Intimacy with you has reached a certain level.


20.How do I try on clothing?

Open the Character interface and click the “Wear” button to see your clothing, then click the clothing icon to open the Wardrobe. Click the clothing icons on the left-hand side of the Wardrobe to remove them. Select a piece clothing on the right-hand side of the Wardrobe to try it on. Click save appearance to save your current look.


21.What do I get by leveling up Elements?

Improving the level of your Elements will increase your attributes.


22.How do I level up Spirit?

Click the “Ascend” button in the Element interface to see the Spirit interface, then click the “Ascend” button in the Spirit interface to improve your Spirit. Requires Spirituality Ascension Rune and Silver.


23.What’s the level cap for Spirit?



24.Should I work on improving Elements first, or Spirit first? For example, will the final effects be different depending on the order in which they’re leveled up?

Spirit can be upgraded only after cultivating an Element to Lvl. 1. The final effects of each will not be affected by the order in which they are leveled up.


25.How do I check and obtain Titles?

You can click the “+” icon in the Character interface to open the Titles interface. From there you can check out the requirements that need to be met for each Title.


26.Will characters lose EXP after they die?



27.Will characters lose Wisdom after they die?

This depends on whether you’ve killed other players and also where your character dies. If your character’s name is not red (you have not killed other players), they will not lose Wisdom when they die. Characters with red names will not lose Wisdom if they die in PK maps, but will lose Wisdom if they die in non-PK maps.


28.Will characters lose equipment after they die?



29.How is battle rating calculated?

A character’s battle rating is based on the level of his/her Attributes, Elements, skills, equipment, pets, and mounts.


30.How do I form a party, and what’s the maximum number of players a party can hold?

Open the Party interface by clicking the party icon to the left of the main center UI (aka, the “skills bar”), or by pressing “T” on your keyboard. From here you can create your own party, or join an existing one. Parties can hold up to 5 players.


31.How is EXP distributed in a party?

Forming a party can earn EXP bonuses, and each member will earn the average amount of EXP.


32.How do I get pets?

Pets can be obtained via the main quest, Login rewards, Dungeons rewards, Heaven and the Shop.


33.How do I level up my pet?

Pets can gain EXP by fighting and joining you on quests.


34.How do I obtain high rank pets?

Uncommon (green) and rare (blue) pets start with a rank of “0” and cannot evolve. Epic (purple) pets can be evolved to Legendary pets by improving their rank, and are found either in Heaven or on Clearance for a few days after a server launch. To improve your epic pet’s rank, open the Pet interface and click “Evolve”.


35.How do I improve my pet’s battle rating?

There are four things you can do to increase pet battle rating: level up your pet, increase pet Aptitude and Growth, learn and upgrade pet skills, and evolve your pet to an epic pet.


36.What’s the highest pet level and rank?

Pet level can’t be more than 5 levels higher than character level. Legendary (orange) pets are the highest rank.


37.How do I use pet skills while in battle?

Your pet will use its skills randomly.


38.Will pet fusion reduce pet Aptitude or Growth?

No. Your new pet will retain the highest values of pet Aptitude and Growth from the two pets being fused.



39.How do I get mounts?

Mounts can be obtained via main quests or the Shop.


40.How do I level up a mount?

Open the Mount interface and click the “Upgrade” button to open the Feed Mounts interface. You can feed your mount Mount EXP Pills and equipment you’re not using to increase its EXP. Mount level can’t be more than 5 levels higher than your current character level.


41.How do I increase my mount’s battle rating?

There are many things you can do to increase mount battle rating, including:

     level up your mount

     improve its Aptitude and Growth

     learn and upgrade mount skills

     increase your mount’s rank.


42.How do I fuse mounts?

Open the Mount interface and select the Fusion column. Your first mount’s appearance will not change, but will gain the skills of the second mount. Your new mount will also get the highest Level, Rank, Growth, Aptitude and Speed of the two mounts being fused.



Equipment and Items

43.How do I obtain Epic and Legendary equipment?

     Epic equipment can be obtained by exchanging Demon Soul Shards, Dragon Soul Shards, and Soul Shards in the Exchange tab, which is accessed via the Character interface. They can also be obtained in dungeons.

     Legendary equipment can be found in Heaven. It is also dropped by World Bosses.


44.How do I obtain Refine Stones?

Refine Stones are dropped in dungeons, and can also be found in Heaven or the Shop.


45.How do I obtain gems?

Gems can be obtained via the Mystery Shop, Heaven, in the Shop under the Clearance tab, and World Bosses.


46.What’s the success rate of enchanting equipment?

Your Enchant success rate decreases with every Enchant attempt.


47.What’s the best equipment for my class?

Each class pursues different kinds of equipment with different attributes. The best way to learn what to look for is to join the game and see for yourself.


48.Is there any difference in the effects of refining Rare, Epic and Legendary equipment?

Refining different quality equipment will give different results.


49.How can I tell whether an equipment attribute is maxed out or not?

Hover over the equipment and check its Bonus Attribute star rating. The highest rating is 10 Stars.



50.How do I check event information?

Click the Events icon on the top left corner of the screen, beside the mini map.



51.How do I add friends, join a guild, or join a party?

     Open the Friends interface, input a character name and search. You can add the player as friend if (s)he is online. You can also click a player’s name in chat and select “add” from the menu.

     You can apply to join a guild once once you’ve reached Lvl. 30. Open the Guild interface (Hotkey: G), to get started.

     Open the Party interface (Hotkey: T) to create a party and invite other players to join.


52.What can I do if I can’t talk to an NPC because too many people are around him/her?

Click the Show/Hide icon to the lower-right of the mini-map screen hide other players.


53.How do I mute the game?

You can turn sound on/off by clicking the speaker icon in the top right corner of the screen.


54.Can I set a password to restrict use of certain functions in the game?

Click the small “lock” icon in the top left corner of the screen to set a password that will block access to certain functions, including: trading items, using/dropping items, using the market, using mail, guilds, spending currency, the Blacksmith, the Forge, and using the Pet interface.


55.What’s the hotkey to start meditation?



56.Are the items purchased through the Mystery Shop tradable?

No, they are bound.


57.How do I make bound items unbound?

You can’t change bound items to unbound.


58.Where can I purchase potions?

Potions can be bought from the Potions Seller, Chris, in Hallowed City. VIP players also have access to the Travel Potion Shop from their Inventory.


59.How do I add attachments to Mail?

Open your Inventory when writing mail and drag the item into the attachment box.


60.How do I set hotkeys?

You can click the “System Settings” icon beside the “Shop” button to set hotkeys.