Fuse & Convert

Posted:08/02/2013 by:

Open the Blacksmith interface and select the Convert tab.

Convert two pieces of equipment of the same class and type to produce a single piece of equipment with the best level, enchant level, rank, and quality of both. For example, if you have Epic Hunter Armor with enchant level 60, and Legendary Hunter Armor with enchant level 8, convert them to get Legendary Hunter Armor with enchant level 60.

Convert is a good way for players to maximize the attributes of  their equipment.
Conversion costs Convert Runes and Silver. The success rate is always 100%.

Open Blacksmith and select the Fuse tab.

Convert and Fuse are two different things. Fuse is useful when you want to change two pieces of Legendary equipment of the same type to one new piece of Legendary equipment.

Both Fuse and Convert can greatly increase your equipment attributes, so make good use of your unused equipment to increase your battle rating!