Guild Escort

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Duration: 15:30-16:00, Daily

Description: The top 5 guilds in each server can compete in Guild Escort every day (up to two times). Successful convoy escorts will yield Guild Wealth and Guild Contribution. To enter the event, the Guild Leader can find a Caravan by Nina in Hallowed City. Be wary! Other players can mug you along the way to your destination and take the rewards for themselves!

Each escort group will have special skills available to them that may be used a limited number of times, be sure to use them wisely to ensure the safety of your convoy.

Note: The Caravan’s HP is equivalent to 10 times its escort’s HP. The higher the HP of the players escorting, the greater protection your Caravan will have!

A successful robbery ensures good rewards, so to players participating in Guild Escort: be wary! Players can use four different special skills three times each during an escort. Click the Escort icon to open the panel after getting a Caravan, and use the shortcut keys 1,2,3,4 to use skills.