Guild Tree

Posted:07/10/2013 by:

To encourage more guild contributions, Eternal Saga has added a Tree to the Guild camp. Once the tree matures, guild members can spend guild wealth to shake the tree and get rewards.

Getting Started
Guild Tree is open from 7:30 - 8;00. Once the event has started, players can click the Tree icon on the main screen, or “Return Now” from the Guild interface to enter the event.

●The Tree will unlock when your guild reaches Lvl. 2.
●The guild leader (or the assistant leader) can click the “Shake” icon in the Tree interface to make the tree drop some crystal. The crystal will stay for 1 minute.
●The tree can be shaken 3 times each day. Cool down time is 5 minutes.
●Collect the crystal to get great rewards.

Guild members can gain lots of EXP while waiting in the guild map for the Tree to mature. Players can also use Rum to get an EXP bonus.