Molluscan Alcove

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Molluscan Alcove is a dungeon for parties of three Lvl. 45+ players. You may enter twice a day.

How to Enter
Speak with NPC Ella to enter. To find Ella, click the Events button in the top right corner of the screen and select the SP Dungeons column. From there you can see a list of dungeons and NPCs. Click the name of the NPC to auto-travel, or the cloud next to their name to teleport.

How to Play
1.After entering the dungeon, players kill monsters and collect crystals.
2.When the monsters are in their 5th, 10th or 15th fight, players can use crystals to summon special companies, tools, and skills.

3.The monsters will come in waves. The higher the wave, the more difficult it will be.
4.The Molluscan is very important: the dungeon will end if the Molluscan dies.
5.Players can obtain unbound Silver from the 21st wave.

●EXP, Silver, materials required for upgrading equipment, and rare items required for tempering. 
●Rewards will be based on the number of crystals collected.
●Rewards will be sent to your mail after completing the dungeon.