​Network Maintenance Notification

Posted:08/18/2015 by:

Dear players,

Due to networks upgrades, during certain time period there will be connection exception which may last 10 minutes, such as disconnection,lag and unable to recharge, as well as other issues. When the upgrades finish, you will be able to log into game and play as usual. We are extremely sorry for all the inconvenience it may cause.

The specific connection exception time periods are as follow:

Aug 24th: 22:00--22:30 PDT / Aug 25th 13:00--13:30 GMT+8 / Aug 25th 01:00--01:30 EDT / Aug 25th 05:00--05:30 GMT
Aug 24th: 23:00--01:30 PDT / Aug 25th 14:00--16:30 GMT+8 / Aug 25th 02:00--04:30 EDT / Aug 25th 06:00--08:30 GMT
Aug 25th: 22:00--00:30 PDT / Aug 26th 13:00--15:30 GMT+8 / Aug 26th 01:00--03:30 EDT / Aug 26th 05:00--07:30 GMT