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Powerful monsters roam the world of Eternal Saga. It’s hard to fight alone. Forming a party is essential to surviving the tougher battles.

Creating a Party
Press “T” to open the Party interface, and select Create Party.

Invite Party Members
1.Open the Party interface and select the “Nearby Players” column.

2.Click the player’s name and choose Add to Party

3.From the chat interface, click the payer’s name and choose Add to Party in the popup menu. Or just click the “invite to party” button to send your request.

4.Open the Friends interface and click the desired character’s name, choose Add Party in the popup menu to send your request.

Join a party
There are two ways to join a party.
1.Open Party interface and choose “Nearby Parties”, then select the party you want you want to join and apply.

2.Click the party leader’s name and choose add party to apply.

Note: Each party can hold a maximum of 3 players (including the leader). All members can invite other players to join in. And all members can see other each other on maps.