​[Patch Notes] 01/06 Server Update

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What’s New
- Magic Crystal Bonus – Beginning with with this update and ending at 11:59 PM (server time) on January 13th, recharge 2K, 3K, 6K, 10K and 20K Gold and get Magic Crystal Packs containing 100, 150, 450, 700, and 1,500 Magic Crystal (respectively). Open the packs to obtain Magic Crystal, then click the “Crystal Cave” icon to open a special shop where they can be exchanged. Exchange options include all kinds of upgrade pills, morph cards, and more. These items will reset daily, so keep checking in to see what’s available.
- Snowflake Rush: Clear Demonhunt, Scimitar Valley, Molluscan Alcove, Elphame, Shadow Keep, and Demonsburg to earn Snowflakes. Snowflakes can then be used in the Forge to synthesize a Snowflake Pack, Dragon Shards, Soul Shards, and Moon Essence!
- X-server Charm: For servers already participating in X-server events, we’re going to be holding a special event for charm rankings from 1/11 – 1/13. Climb the X-server Charm rankings and be rewarded with valuable gift packs!
- Demon Invasion (Lvl. 40+) - Defeat the demons and protect the peace of the Enchanted Land! The invasion happens on January 9th from 6:30 PM-7:00 PM (Server Time).

- The Christmas Presents that rained down during Divine Blessings have changed back to Refine Stones
- Search x50 in Heaven Treasure Hunt has been changed back to the regular price
- Items in the Clearance section of the Shop have changed back to their regular prices