[Patch Notes] 10/10 Server Update

Posted:10/10/2013 by:

What’s New
●Gem Carving (unlocks at lvl. 55) –Beyond synthesizing gems into higher level ones, Gem Carving can add yet more gem bonuses!

●3v3 Arena – Players level 55+ with at least 50,000 Battle Rating may enter this new cross-server battlefield, allowing you to battle against fellow players across all servers. The 3v3 Arena is open daily at 16:00 and 21:00, lasting one hour. With this system, you may either create your own party or find a quick match.

●Note – This system will be released on S1, S2, S3, S4 and S6 following the 10/10 maintenance. It will become available on all other servers once enough players reach the event requirements.

●Zodiac– Lvl.55+ players can use items obtained from the 3V3 Arena to upgrade mount attributes.

●Lvl. 80 World BOSS – Everyone can take on the new World Boss... if they dare!

●It Pays to Consume– Spending Gold has never been more profitable!

Fixes and Changes
●Free refreshes for Gem Carving have been added to the Daily Bonuses panel.
●Guild Battle system notices now 100% English 100% of the time.
●The Crystal Hunt map has been optimized for your enjoyment.