[Patch Notes] 10/31 Server Update

Posted:10/31/2013 by:

What’s New

Runes (unlocked at Lvl. 58): Want to get really powerful? Harness the power of these ancient artifacts and become truly strong.

It Pays to Consume: Spend Gold in the Shop and receive exclusive Halloween bonuses.

Pumpkin Hunt: Collect Pumpkins while clearing dungeons, and then synthesize them into valuable gift packs.

Sharing the Cross-server Love: Servers S5, S7, S8, S9, S10 and S11 will be getting access to all cross-server events following today’s maintenance. This includes 3v3 Arena and Pet Arena.

Fixes and Changes

Added additional difficulties to Rainbow Corridor.

Removed Chinese from Pet Refine Stone icons.

Corrected a pop-up notice that appeared when reaching the Lvl.4 Social Goal.

Corrected the displayed price of Enchant Stones in the Pet Blacksmith panel.