[Patch Notes] 11/14 Server Update

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What’s New

● Cross-server Duel: This event won’t actually open until the first week of December, but the system and menus will be waiting and ready on the servers beginning with this week’s maintenance. Although you players can’t use it yet, we’re including it in the patch notes so that people aren’t confused by the shiny new icons. Beginning in the first week of December, players who are Lvl. 55+ and have a battle rating over 50,000 will be able to challenge players from other servers in the same time zone in epic 1 vs. 1 battles. Note: Only servers that have access to other cross- server events will have access to this event.

● Demon Invasion: Defeat the demons and protect the peace of the Enchanted Land. Lvl. 40+ players from servers S1-S22 will be able to participate in this event November 15th – 17th, from 6:30 PM– 7:00 PM (server time).

● It pays to consume: Spend Gold and receive gain gift packs containing special clothing! For servers S1-S22 from November 15th-17th (server time).

● Sharing the Cross-server Love: Servers S12, S13, S4, S15 and S19 will be getting access to all cross-server events following today’s maintenance.

Fixes and Changes

● Fixed an issue with the displayed price in the Parade panel.
● Optimized the Guild Rankings panel.
● Refine function in the Blacksmith panel now unlocks at Lvl. 42.
● Added Auto-absorb function to the Battle Soul system.
● The remaining amount of Element Boosters will now be displayed in the Elements panel.
● Added dungeon quests to the Lvl. 25 and Lvl. 33 main quests.
● Added main quests and side quests to the Lvl. 40 quest.
● Optimized the Skill Rune system.
● Fixed an issue where warrior skill rune Lightning Charge was immobilizing targets 100% of the time.
● Decreased cooldown for skill rune Fury - Divine Barrier.
● Increased the strength of skill rune Fury - Lifeforce.
● Increased the strength of skill rune DEF - Lifeforce.
● Adjusted the cooldown required to refresh other guild member’s quests to 5 seconds.
● Guides added to increase guild contribution shows in guild panel.
● All alerts and information sent by players you’ve blocked is now hidden.
● Mail is now unlocked at Lvl. 42.
● In order to help cut-down on spam, sending mail will now cost 1,000 Silver (Unbound).
● Players can now enter a 3-player dungeon by themselves.

Note: Due to the large number of art assets added during today’s maintenance, players may experience some delays when trying to login to the game.