[Patch Notes] 11/7 Server Update

Posted:11/07/2013 by:

What’s New

● Feeling lucky? For the duration of the event, every 200 Gold players spend in the Shop gets them another spin of the wheel. Each spin offers a chance to win valuable rewards, including Mount Evolve Pill x1, Pet Skill Upgrade Pill x1, Mount Skill Upgrade Pill x1, and more. For servers S1-S20 and K1.
● It Pays to Consume: Spend Gold and get bonus gift packs containing valuable items, including Superior Purses, Roses, and more. Now’s a great time to improve your intimacy with your friends and spouse!

Fixes and Changes

● Optimized the beast and pet tips description
● Removed Chinese from the Guild Domination tips
● Fixed a bug where players ranked 4th-50th did not receive Pet Arena rewards