​[Patch Notes] 12/24 Server Update

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What’s New
★ Wings (Lvl. 62+) - These wings are more than cosmetic: upgrade your Wings and become increasingly more impressive in strength AND appearance. Wings Upgrade Pills can be purchased from the Clearance section of the Shop, currently at a 20% discount!
★ It Pays to Consume: Christmas Edition - From 12/24 to 12/30, spend certain amounts of Gold and get limited edition morph cards for a Christmas pet, sprite, and mount as our way of saying thanks for supporting the game! For servers 1 to 27 and K1.
★ Demon Invasion (Lvl. 40+) - Defeat the demons and protect the peace of the Enchanted Land! The invasion happens on December 25th from 6:30 PM-7:00 PM (Server Time).
★ Divine Blessings: Christmas Edition - Santa has arrived, and he’s brought everyone Christmas Presents! These holiday gifts will be taking the place of Refine Stones during Divine Blessings until December 31st.
★ Christmas Deals - Get a 20% discount on all items in the Clearance section of the Shop until December 31st. Note to VIPs: this stacks with your current 20% discount! Wings Upgrade Pills, Artifact Upgrade Pills, Rare Treasure Maps, and more can be yours at these great prices starting today.
★ Heaven Treasure Hunt Discounts - Search x50 in Heaven Treasure Hunt is now just 400 Gold for non-VIPs and 320 Gold for VIPs.
★ Christmas Costumes - Ever wish your wings looked more like a festive Christmas bow, or that your weapon was actually a candy cane? These and all the rest of the holiday costume ensemble are now available in the Shop - purchase the whole set before it disappears forever!

We hope you enjoy our Christmas update and wish all of you a merry, merry Christmas and the happiest of holidays with your family, friends, and loved ones.