[Patch Notes] 12/5 Server Update

Posted:12/05/2013 by:

What’s New
● Real Dream - From 12/5 -12/8 only, make a wish and get valuable items. Each wish costs just 20 Gold - good luck! Click the “Real Dream” event icon for more details. For servers S1 - S25. 
● Spending is Receiving - Spend certain amounts of Gold in the Shop from 12/9 - 12/11 and earn valuable rewards. Event resets daily. For servers S1 - S25.

Fixes and Changes

● Added a “Like us on Facebook” quest to the game – check out your available quests for more details!
● Ended the special sale in the Clearance section of the Shop – sadly those prices have all now changed back to normal.
● Fixed the displayed cost of sending Mail – it now correctly reads 1k Silver.
● Removed some Chinese from the Rune Upgrade panel.
● Fixed some display issues in the merged Hall of Fame panel.
● All items purchased from the Outfits section of the Shop are now bound.
● Added “Daily Sent” and “Daily Received” sections to Charm Rankings.
● Fixed a bug where the last commodity in Daily Deals section was blank - a 99 Rose can now be found there!
● Fixed a bug where incorrect level requirements were displayed for certain items in the Merit and Honor Shops.
● Removed the “Unique Gem” icon from the Star Shrine Rewards description in the Events panel - the correct rewards are now displayed.