[Patch Notes] 2/27 Server Update

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VIP Changes
- Players can now buy 6-month, 1-month, and 1-week VIP cards.
- 1-day VIP Cards are also available through Heaven Treasure Hunt and the Guild Shop. They can be used to add 1 day to your current VIP period, and also give 5 VIP Points.
- Using VIP Cards and spending Gold (Unbound) now gives you VIP Points, increasing your VIP level and improving your VIP benefits.
- VIPs also get exclusive access to a special VIP section of the Shop, where you can spend bound gold on a large selection of valuable items.

Battle Souls
- Add dual attributes, which can be obtained via Gold Awakening or by exchanging battle soul shards.
- From 2/27 - 3/13, all players will get 20% Silver discounts when enchanting equipment or awakening battle souls. There will also be a 20% discount when using gold to awaken battle souls. VIP discount stacks during this event.
- Added a lock/unlock button to prevent accidental absorption or recycling of battle souls.
- When selecting Auto-absorb, epic and higher quality battle souls will now automatically move to the vault, rather than being absorbed.
- Battle souls can now be placed in the vault individually from the main window. Simply click on a battle soul after it’s been awakened. Epic and higher quality battle souls can also be recycled this way.

- Players will be unable to collect benefits on the same day they've created or joined a guild. Benefits can begin being collected on your second day. 
- Increased the cap for contribution returned after leaving a guild.
- Added extra benefits to guild members who reach a certain amount of contribution per day.
- Guild leaders and assistant leaders can now send reminders to members who have not completed their guild quests.
- Guild leaders can now dismiss members by clicking on their name and selecting “Dismiss”.
- Applications for items now appear automatically when opening the guild vault.
- Players can now click a “Grounds” button from guild chat to directly go to the guild grounds

Pets, Sprites, Mounts, and Extras
- You can now hover over pets, sprites, mounts, and fashion items in the Shop for a nifty preview.
-  Players can now switch out their pets without having to call back the pet currently in battle. 
- You can now hover your mouse over a summoned pet’s avatar to view its attributes directly. This avatar can also be freely dragged around the screen.
- Added “auto-buy” to the pet fusion, mount fusion, and sprite upgrade windows
- Dragging a pet into a fusion slot will now automatically call that pet back from battle.
- Increased the attributes cap for pet and mount morph.

- Clicking on the “resistance” icons in the main character panel now links to your mount skill library.
- Added 1-click upgrades to the Essence panel.
- Everyone now gets a neat “Eternal Saga is really fun!” title they can use if they don’t have any other titles.
- Titles are now organized according to their quality.

- Attributes obtained from refining your equipment are now colored according to quality

- Forge sub-menus now have tips to let you know whether you have items that can be synthesized

- Added “Misc.” to the “Other” section of the Market.
- Sent items will return to mail if not sold in time.

Other Changes
- Players now get an additional skill to use when AFK in dungeons.
- First row of event icons will automatically be hidden upon entering World BOSS, Battlefield maps, and other special events.
- When the character limit for chats and guild mail has been met, you’ll see that your message is being cut short BEFORE you send it.
- Married couples can now begin their “Partner Trial” at level 45.
- VIP Cards are no longer sold in the Shop. 1-week, 1-month, and 6-month cards can instead be purchased by clicking on the VIP icon. 1-day VIP Cards can be obtained from the Guild Shop and Heaven Treasure Hunt.
- Mysterious Gem Packs have replaced 15-day VIP cards in the Daily Deals section of the Shop. Regular price is 199 Gold, VIP price 195 Gold.
- 1-week, 1-month, and 6 -month VIP cards can all be purchased via the main VIP panel. In addition, 1-month VIP Cards can be bought directly from the official website.

This Update’s Events
New Permanent Event: Lovers’ Dash
Grab a partner and race to the finish! Lvl. 55+ players can join this fun new event every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 17:30 – 18:00. Male characters control movement and jumping, while female characters are in charge of using skills. The top 50 players in each room earn valuable rewards.

Changes to Existing Dungeons
- 3v3 Arena now matches 10 times per day at most. In addition, the rewards will be 1.5x greater than before.
- Legion Wars and Arena run 15 minutes shorter, but the rewards stay the same.
- Demonhunt - Lvl. 50+ players can blitz if they’ve completed a stage with 3-stars.
- Eternal Spire - Lvl. 50+ players can jump to next Mystery Lvl. if they’ve completed the 1st level or the level following a Mystery Level within a certain time limit.
- Rainbow Corridor - players can choose a difficulty before entering the dungeon.
- Territory Wars - assistant guild leaders and elder members now get their avatars displayed in the Territory Wars window.
- Guild Domination - Guild members now need to occupy a spawn point before getting the Demonsword.

Magic Crystal Bonus
From February 27th to March 6th, recharge 2K, 3K, 6K, 10K and 20K Gold and get Magic Crystal Packs containing 100, 150, 450, 700, and 1,500 Magic Crystals (respectively). Open the packs to obtain Magic Crystal, then click the “Crystal Cave” icon to open a special shop where they can be exchanged. Exchange options include all kinds of upgrade pills, morph cards, and more. These items will reset daily, so keep checking in to see what’s available.
Lucky Wheel
From March 4th - 6th, every 200 Gold you spend in the Shop gets you a spin of the Lucky Wheel. Each spin is a chance to win valuable prizes, including Mount Evolve Pills, Pet Skill Upgrade Pills, Mount Skill Upgrade Pills, and more!
Demon Invasion
Defeat the demons and protect the peace of the Enchanted Land! The invasion happens to all servers on March 2nd from 6:30 PM-7:00 PM (Server Time).
Great Discount
From February 27th to March 13th, the cost of enchanting and awakening battle souls (gold AND silver) is 20% off!