[Patch Notes] 7/31 Server Update

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What’s New

 Pet Skills - Teach your pets new skills and increase your battle rating. Unlocks at lvl. 45.
 Blacksmith Functions:
 Temper - Improve the base attributes of your equipment. Unlocks at lvl. 45.
 Fuse - Combine two pieces of Legendary equipment into a single type that you’re more in need of. Unlocks at lvl.45.
 Convert - Rare, Epic, and Legendary equipment of the same class and type can be converted to equipment with better attributes. Unlocks at lvl. 45.
 Evolve - Make your Epic equipment...Legendary! Unlocks at lvl. 50.
 lvl. 50 Guild Beats and lvl. 50 World Bosses
 Players can recharge $0.99.

Fixes and Optimizations

 Optimized the UI
 Fixed language issues
 Bug Fixes