[Patch Notes] 8/29 Server Update

Posted:08/29/2013 by:

What’s New:
Clearance Items

 99 Rose Bouquets (Unbound) are now available in the Clearance section of the Shop. Limited to 3 purchases per day.

Bug Fixes:

 Fixed a bug where players were unable to see Footprints they had purchased and equipped.
 Fixed an issue where the wrong price was being displayed for Wedding Ceremonies, and some players were unable to reserve a wedding. Normal Weddings cost 199 Gold, Deluxe Weddings 1,999 Gold.
Adjusted the price of Parades back to the original price of 2,999 Gold.
 Removed some bugs from the Magic Pacts interface.
 Fixed a bug where players were unable to use the Summer Dream clothing they had purchased.
 Other minor tweaks made to in-game text.

First Rebate Pack

 Players will receive a Spirituality Rune instead of a 99 Roses Bouquet
 Players will receive a Spirit Protection Rune instead of a Superior Purse