[Patch Notes] 9/26 Server Update

Posted:09/26/2013 by:

What’s New

 It Pays to Consume: For the following week, players who spend Gold will get special gift packs, including a rare mount!

 Lollipop Rush: Clear Demonhunt, Scimitar Valley, Molluscan Alcove, Elphame, Shadow Keep, and Demonsburg to earn sweet, sweet Lollipops. Use your Lollipops in the Forge to synthesize a Lollipop Rush Gift Pack!

Changes and Optimizations

 Search x1 now costs 12 Gold.
 Search x10 now costs 120 Gold.
 Search x50 now costs 600 Gold.
 15-day and 1-month VIPs 20% discount applies here now!

 Lvl. 30 Fortune Box, Beanie Dragon and 99 Rose Bouquet prices have been reduced when they appear in the Daily Deals section of the Shop.
 The price of the 99 Rose Bouquet in the Clearance section of the Shop has also been reduced!

 Optimized and fixed some issues with the Guild interface
 Changed the titles gained from the Territory Wars to better fit the world chat panel.
 Fixed some language issues related to Sprites.