[Patch Notes] 9/5 Server Update

Posted:09/05/2013 by:

What’s New:

 Battle Soul (unlocks at level 50): Use Silver to obtain Battle Souls, gaining attributes bonuses and adding to your battle rating.
 Class Prestige (unlocks at level 60): Obtain Prestige to upgrade your class level, gaining additional bonus attributes and daily rewards.
 Rainbow Corridor (unlocks at level 60): Progress through the levels to earn valuable items and  Prestige. Good for progressing through your class.
 The Eternal Spire now includes 50 stages.
 Molluscan Alcove now has 5 additional waves of monsters.
 Demonsburg now has 5 additional waves of monsters.

Bug Fixes:

 Fixed an issue where Chinese was displaying in certain system mail messages.
 Fixed an issue where “Wed.” items were being displayed in the “Character” panel. The correct type of equipment is now being shown, although the system has not yet been released.
 Fixed a bug where notices were reversing guild names and member names in Guild Domination.
 Fixed a bug where the incorrect price was displaying for VIPs when purchasing clothing.
 Fixed a bug where players were unable to see their contribution in under “Guild Skills”.
 Fixed some language issues.
 Closing the dungeon interface will clear out your party's information from the system. Players will no longer see parties they cannot join.


 Superior Purses have been moved from the Clearance section to the Daily section of the Shop. There will be no daily purchase limits for this item.