​[Patch Notes] Eternal Saga 12/19 Server Update

Posted:12/19/2013 by:

What’s New
● Dream Lotto - From 12/19 -12/24 only, make a wish and get valuable items. Each wish costs just 20 Gold - good luck! Click the “Dream Lotto” event icon for more details. For servers  S1-S26 and K1.
● Lucky Wheel - From 12/20 – 12/23, every 200 Gold players spend in the Shop gets them another spin of the wheel. Each spin offers a chance to win valuable rewards, including Mount Evolve Pill x1, Pet Skill Upgrade Pill x1, Mount Skill Upgrade Pill x1, and more. For servers S1-S26 and K1.
● New Item Packs – If you check out the Clearance section of the Shop in this new update, you’ll find Mystery Gem Packs, Mount Growth Packs, and Mount Aptitude Packs. For servers 1- 27 and K1. 

Fixes and Changes
- Fixed the Rainbow Quiz description in the events panel
- Fixed description for Rune Skill Fury - Icefire Awakening. It now correctly says that each use of this skill will reset the cooldown for Blizzard, NOT each use of all skills.
- The name of “Real Dream” has been changed to “Dream Lotto”
- Fixed some text in the Fortune Chest panel
- Changed the names of reward packs for Cross-server Duel