Pet Training

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A pet’s starting attributes are important, but their potential to grow in strength can’t be ignored. Trained properly, an ordinary pet can become powerful and revered!

Getting Started
Open the Pet interface to get started upgrading your pet’s Aptitude and Growth.

Upgrading pet Aptitude
Pet Aptitude starts at 1, but can be upgraded, increasing your pet’s base attributes. Should you encounter a failed upgrade, it will increase your future success rate. Upgrading Aptitude to a certain amount will give your pet additional attributes bonuses. Aptitude is capped at 40. 

Upgrading pet Growth
Pet Aptitude starts at 1, but can be upgraded, giving your pet attribute percentage bonuses. The level cap for Growth is 40, and a failed upgrade will increase the success rate. Upgrade Growth to a certain amount to get an even better attributes bonus.

Evolving Your Pet
Epic pets can evolve to a level cap of 100. Increasing your pet’s rank will improve its base attributes and max Growth and Aptitude. Reach lvl. 60 and your pet will become Legendary! Pet appearance changes when its rank reaches lvl.20, lvl.40, lvl.60, lvl.80 and lvl.100.


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