The Basics

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C – Character interface 
B – Inventory
W – Pet interface
P – Player rankings
K – Open the Blacksmith interface
D – Start meditation 
M – Map
S – Shop 
O – Events panel
E – Open Mail
Q – Quests panel
T – Create party 
F – Friends panel
G – Guild interface
V – Skills
Z – Start/stop AFK mode
H – Mount
A – Loot
~ - swift target and PK smoothly
ESC – close/cancel currently open interface 
R – summon/withdraw pet


Character movement
Left-click to move your character to where you want them to go. 

Speak to NPC
Hold your mouse over the NPC you wish to speak to and left-click to start conversation. 

Locate trade related NPC and left click on them to see their items. Follow the steps given to complete the trade.

Use items
Open the inventory and double click on items you wish to use.

Items management
You can manage your items in two ways: Left click the item and choose Sell, Send or Display. Or directly click on the buttons in the inventory.

Kill monsters
Move your mouse over the monster till a light glows around the monster. Clicking on the monster will start the battle, you can use your skills in the battle by pressing the number buttons.

These are the basic operations of Eternal Saga. But it will take practise and hard work to succeed, begin your adventure today!