[Update Notes] 8/8 Server Update

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What’s New
- Mounts
Aptitude - Upgrade mount Aptitude to improve Class-Spec ATK, MDEF, PDEF, and LRDEF. Unlocks at Lvl. 45.
Growth - Better mount Growth brings higher Max HP, Max MP, ATK, and DEF. Unlocks at Lvl. 45.
Skills - Teach your mount skills to make them strong. Unlocks at Lvl. 48.
Mount Skill Packs can be exchanged for using Merit and Honor.
- Rewards improved for $99.99 and $299.99 recharge

Fixes and Optimizations
- Fixed a bug where 60 day VIP time was displayed when using a 1-month VIP Card.
- Fixed a bug where some players were unable to apply to join a Newbie Guild.
- Other minor bug fixes.